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New Life Church

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Under God: Indivisible

April 26th at 7 PM
Greater Little Rock campus

More Info:
Life Outreach International
817-267-4211 ext. 3420

INDIVISIBLE Author Hosting Special Event

On April 26, we have an EXCITING guest coming to our Greater Little Rock Campus. James Robison, author of the book “INDIVISIBLE” will be hosting a city-wide special event of worship and teaching at 7pm. James Robison is president of LIFE Outreach and has been involved in public ministry since 1962. Join us as he encourages the church to stand together as a light in our city!

We have invited Pastors Robert Morris and Jim Garlow to join James and Jay Richards. Together, they will focus on the opportunity and responsibility God has given the church to help redirect our country back to a place of honoring God and the principles upon which we were founded. They will admonish the attendees to get on their knees before God and on their feet for God, standing together to protect the religious freedoms our nation has been privileged to enjoy.

This is not a political meeting, but rather an event to sound the alarm and equip people with the with moral, social and economic truths that can transform our nation. James Robison is president of LIFE Outreach and has been involved in public ministry since 1962. Jay Richards is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and the author of the award-winning Money, Greed, and God. Together, they are a dynamic duo, and their passion is contagious.

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