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Life of Christ - Week 14


Scripture: Luke 2:1–40


Our journey through the life of Christ this semester has hopefully helped us become more careful readers of Scripture, growing in understanding that the world of Jesus was a different culture, time, and space, and even had a different spiritual outlook.


The same is true as we view the Christmas story. Our understanding of it will change because our image of Christmas has been more informed by our artwork than by biblical texts.


So, today we will examine the Incarnation of Jesus in three parts: the family of Jesus, the birth of Jesus, and the consequence of Jesus. And, as usual, we will view each of these parts within the world, cultural, historical, and spiritual contexts of Jesus’ day.


Question: How does today’s teaching impact your understanding of who Jesus is to you?


Family Chat: As a family activity, design and build a nativity scene based on today’s description of Jesus’ birth. (It doesn’t have to be elaborate! Shoeboxes work great!)


Take Action:Meet with your life group (whether in person or online) to talk through the questions you’ve answered this week and the challenges you have faced (or are still facing!) as you follow Jesus. Be honest about what’s worked for you, as well as areas where you may have missed the mark.


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