Holy Spirit | Daily Devo – Nick Bertin

Today Pastor Nick Bertin helps us walk through how to rely on the Holy Spirit, who powerfully helps us, who leads us into a deep relationship of truly knowing Him, […]

Holy Spirit | Daily Devo – Jason Kimbrow

Pastor Jason Kimbrow helps us understand that the Holy Spirit, our Great Helper, has many attributes. He is the Spirit of Wisdom who helps us make good decisions, with spiritual […]

Livestream | The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Welcome to the New Life Church Digital Campus! Online Giving: https://rb.gy/ir5e5v If you would like to mail in your tithe/offering, you can mail it to 633 S. Country Club Rd, […]

Little Life – Jesus Loves Me, week 4

Story Focus: Jesus loves me no matter what. We will end the month with a story of a woman expressing her deep gratitude because Jesus loved her, no matter what. […]