Holy Spirit | Daily Devo – Jason Kimbrow

Pastor Jason Kimbrow helps us understand that the Holy Spirit, our Great Helper, has many attributes. He is the Spirit of Wisdom who helps us make good decisions, with spiritual street smarts. He is the Spirit of Understanding who helps us see and comprehend God’s truth, to grasp the deeper meaning of harder truths, to see the why behind the what, to hear God’s heart behind His commands. And He is the Spirit of Counsel, who helps us discern right from wrong, pointing us in the right direction to make right decisions.

Question: Is there a decision you’re facing in this season that you need wisdom for, something confusing you that you need understanding for, or a level of discernment that you need that is beyond you?

Take Action: Invite the Holy Spirit into that decision, confusion, or need for discernment. Give Him permission to give you direction. Then with courage follow His lead.