Life of Christ Day 16 Devo | The Value of One

Luke 15:4-10

In today’s video, Marc explains that Jesus belonged to a stream of piety within ancient Judaism that saw the value of a single individual to God, illustrating this idea with two little parables in Luke 15 of the lost sheep and the lost coin.

Marc tells a story of watching a shepherd in Israel stop and wait for a lamb to catch up to the flock when separated from them by a group of tourists! Just as this shepherd values that one sheep, so indeed does our Father value even one lost person.

Marc challenges us to be honest about how we view these two parables. We love to think about ourselves being the one that God values and goes after. But what if you were part of the 99, and your neighbor, or coworker, or someone you may not like is the person God sees as the one?

Are you the 99, or are you the one? If you are not confident in your relationship with God, text NEXT to 88000. We would love to help you take your next step with Jesus!

Take Action:
If you answered you are the 99 in that question, ask the Holy Spirit to create a divine appointment or two for you this week, so that you can boldly share with others what God has done for you.