Life of Christ Day 37 Devo | To the Least of These

Matthew 25:34-46

Key Verse: “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” – Matthew 25:40

In today’s teaching, Pastor James tells the story of the sheep and the goats; six specific mercies separate the righteous (the sheep) from the unrighteous (the goats). These mercies are: feeding the hungry, water for the thirsty, hospitality to strangers, clothing the naked, giving nursing care, and visiting those in confinement (specifically, Jesus talks about prisoners).

James challenges us because both the sheep and the goats called Jesus “Lord.” However, there’s a big difference between knowing spiritual things and still turning a blind eye to those in need, versus allowing the relationship that you have with Jesus overflow and produce ministry with those people.

James warns and encourages us with the truth that the heart Jesus seeks is one that understands that, if you have a relationship with Jesus, you will never turn a blind eye and refuse to show love and mercy. You will always do for the one person what you would want to do for the many.

In what area of your life has Jesus’ love for you made the most significant difference, and how can you extend that mercy forward?

Have you prayed and made Jesus the boss of your life? Let each family member talk about the day they did that. If you haven’t and want to, today is a great day to make that decision!

Don’t just gather up knowledge! Unleash love on the people in your everyday world today.