Life of Christ Day 43 Devo | Submitting to God’s Will

Today, Pastor Daniel Ramos talks to us about surrendering to God’s will. Jesus prays to God the Father, saying, “Lord, let Your will be done, not Mine,” (Luke 22:42). He reminds us that Jesus was praying at the Mount of Olives, the exit door to the wilderness, where He could have escaped, and the authorities would never have found Him. But He prayed a prayer that He prayed every day and taught His disciples to pray, a declaration of surrendering to God’s will. He had made it a habit of surrendering His will to God the Father.

Sometimes in our faith journey, we think that it’s the big moments that make the big difference, but if we surrender to God every day, that will make the most significant difference when making a big decision.

Questions: Are you staying in God’s Word every day? Are you choosing to surrender to His will every day? Can you do that today?

Family Chat: Can you name one small moment where you need to be more like Jesus?

Take Action: Make a conscious choice at every moment today to surrender your will to God’s will. Talk to your life group about how your day goes because of it.