Life of Christ Day 44 Devo | Praying With Your Heart

Luke 18:9-14

Summary: Today, Katy Bezet explains that Jesus told this parable to some who treated others with contempt, comparing their own self-righteousness to others’ sinful behavior. However, the tax collector approached God with a humble heart, knowing he was a sinner.

She reminds us that the Word says that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble and that, as we choose to humble ourselves before Him, we can be confident that He will honor that.

Prayer is simply communicating with God. You don’t have to use big, complicated words; He just wants you to talk to Him, being honest with Him about what you’re dealing with and who you are. He can handle your big questions.

Question: Have you slipped into a habit of comparing yourself to others—whether you’re trying to feel better about yourself, or you think you’ll never measure up? Ask Jesus what He has to say about that.

Prayer Starter: Jesus, I’m sorry for measuring myself and others based on man’s standards; I’m sorry for letting self-righteousness be my standard, instead of You. I choose humility, and I ask for Your forgiveness because Your Word says that only You are holy and only You are righteous. I receive Your forgiveness, and I choose to fix my eyes on You today. Thank You that I don’t have to fix everything before talking to You. I can just talk to You.

Family Chat: Prayer has two parts: talking and listening. Which part do you feel like you’re better at doing?

Take Action: Read one Psalm every day for the next 30 days, making it a prayer to our God who passionately loves you.