Life of Christ Day 5 Devo | Gathering to Study & Do the Words of Jesus

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
—Matthew 18:20

In today’s devotional, Jesus tells the parable of two foundations in Matthew 7:24-27 comparing to the differences between the sand and rock foundations to people “who hear my words and do them,” versus those “who hear and do not do them.” Marc explains that the word “to hear” also means “to study.”

Today, we are challenged to make studying the words of Jesus a part of our everyday lives and discipline, and to do that not just by ourselves but with others! Being his disciple is not just about knowing his words, believing something about Him, or even believing in him. Being his disciple is doing what he said.

What do you need to be doing today to implement the teachings of Jesus in your life? How can you challenge and encourage those around you to follow Jesus more perfectly in their doing?

Children’s Ministry Question:
True or False. Jesus wants us to study his word together as a family. Why?

Take Action:
Find a few people today who you will trust to ask you the hard questions, and you can ask them the same. Commit to a season of accountability as we learn and grow in following Jesus more perfectly in our doing.