Life of Christ Day 67 Devo | Serve With No Thought Of Reward

Matthew 20:1-16
Main Scripture: So the last will be first, and the first will be last. – Matthew 20:16

Summary: Today Pastor Chad Denmon walks us through the Parable of the Vineyard and how easy it is to be like the worker who works only for the reward of his daily wage. Because he is focused on what he might receive, he misses out on a relationship with the vineyard owner.

We can also get off track sometimes, focusing on recognition or reward that might come from serving God, rather than our service simply being out of the overflow of our relationship with Him. But Pastor Chad reminds us that God is already proud of us—He loves you, and He loves me!
If this describes you today, repent from that motive and pursue your relationship with Jesus first! Ultimately, our reward for serving God is the salvation, hope, restoration, and healing that come because of what Jesus did for us, not what we can do for Him.

Question: Do you serve God out of your love for Him, or do you serve Him hoping for a reward or recognition?

Family Chat: As you think about your relationship with God, do you think He wants you to spend more or less time with Him?

Take action: Set aside your doing for a time and simply spend time being with God, in His presence. Get alone with Him and worship Him. Turn on some worship music and sing songs to Him that are about Him. Spend time talking to Him about what He means to you, focusing on His greatness over yours. Thank Him for everything you can think of to thank Him for.