New Life Church | Daily Devo – Evan Teer

Jonah 4:6-7

God made a plant to shade Jonah (one translation said a “gourd”), then God brought a worm to eat the plant, then God created a windstorm. Windstorms rustling through the trees sounds beautiful (unless the winds knock the trees down, of course), but windstorms in the deserts of Iraq would be particularly unpleasant, feeling more like you were being sandblasted! And then after the windstorm, the clouds cleared and the desert sun beat down on Jonah’s head until he passed out…and wished to die AGAIN. What is God doing in this scene? (We talk about this on Monday, so don’t spoil it).

Sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense why we go through seasons of pain, struggle, and heartache. We say, “ENOUGH already!” But the struggles keep coming until it feels like there’s just no hope left.

And in those seasons: But God.