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New Life Church | Daily Devo – Nate King

Jonah 2:3-4; Ps. 31:22; Ps 139

Jonah basically said in verse 2 that God did this to him, hurling him into the sea. If we want to split hairs here, it was really Jonah’s disobedience that got him thrown into the sea. At the same time, and in the very next breath, Jonah immediately declared that he would “look again toward Your holy temple.” In essence, he declares to God that he will seek God in the midst of this seemingly hopeless death spiral. But really.

Let’s look at this from the fish’s perspective: Who knew the fish would get an upset stomach and throw up its contents? You could make the argument that Jonah’s self-righteous attitude even made the fish want to vomit. Who had the more disgusted taste in his/its mouth: the fish? or Jonah! The fish!

“Ew. I just ate something very angry and haughty. This tastes NASTY! Bleh.”