New Life Church | Daily Devo – Rachel Spinks

Jonah 3:3b-4; Luke 11:29-32 (also Matthew 12:38-41 listed earlier in this series)

Jonah is back to square one, starting all over again. He went 1/3rd of the way into the city before declaring that the clock was ticking for Nineveh’s destruction. He was all-in! This was a fortress of a city! If anything went wrong, and the people turned on Jonah, he would have no place to run, no place to hide. He was 15-20 miles in, depending on how fast he walked.

And keep in mind that there was never a hint from God that God might forgive them if they repent. Jonah only knows to preach the message of destruction, so the assumption is that he’s all-in FOR their destruction! We don’t get a glimpse of the condition of Jonah’s heart until next week.

Also, there’s another opportunity to compare and contrast Jonah v. Jesus in Jesus’ words in Luke 11.