Week of Prayer Day 1 | Overview: Lord, Teach Us To Pray

1 Samuel 13:19-22; Luke 18:35-43

Summary: In today’s devotion, Pastor Marcus Brown invites us to let God bring a new conviction and a new passion as we devote time with Him, time in His Word, and time hearing from God in this season of Prayer and Fasting. Prayer and fasting were spiritual disciplines, habits for Jesus. We want it to be a habit for us, as well!

He describes a moment in Israel’s history when the Israelite warriors went to battle devoid of their weapons of warfare: their spears and swords. Similarly, today the greatest weapons of our warfare, prayer and fasting, have somehow been eliminated from our lives. In our biggest battles, we need our prayer coverage to out-kick our problem, not the other way around.

Through today’s story of the blind beggar who receives his sight, Pastor Marcus gives us strong principles to help us know how to pray in such a way that, when we pray and fast, that things change around us—people are healed, and captives are set free.

Question: Are you specific in what you want from God? Are you persistent when you ask, pouring your heart out with passion? What exactly do you want Him to do for you? Write it down.

Prayer Starter: Before you start praying today, write down—somewhere where you won’t lose it or forget it—what you really want God to do for you, your family, your church, and your community in this season. Now, look at that list, setting aside everything else that might distract you, and be gut-level honest with God about what’s on your mind.