Week of Prayer Day 4 | Our Daily Bread

“Give us this day our daily bread.”—Matthew 6:11

Summary: As we look at today’s passage, Pastor Hunter focuses on the word daily, which is used only once in the entire Bible! He explains that Jesus purposed to use this word to describe the way they should pray, developing a consistent, everyday relationship with Him.

Jesus is our Jehovah Jireh, our provider, the one who wants to be there, walking with us daily through the answer that we are looking for. He wants to walk with us every day, not just on Sundays, spending time with Him every day, walking with Him not on your own but with your family or closest friends.

During the week of Prayer and Fasting, Pastor Hunter encourages us to grab other people to pray and fast together. If you have a family, lead them in prayer daily. When you fast, don’t do it on your own. Model this to your kids. If you don’t have a spouse or kids, then pray for your future family!

Question: What do you need today?

Prayer Starter: Spend time today expressing your needs out loud to Jesus. If you need provision for needs or direction for your family, it’s okay to ask Him!