Week of Prayer Day 7 | Jesus and Fasting

Scripture: Luke 4:1-13; Mark 9:29

Summary: In today’s devotional, Pastor Bronson Duke takes us through the temptation of Jesus. In this scene, the devil tempts Jesus to go outside of His Father’s way and take up an authority of his own, using his power and influence to glorify Himself.

Just as Jesus prayed and fasted in the wilderness for 40 days, the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Jesus chose, over and over, to submit His will to the Father’s will, and when He overcame, He returned in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Israelites, on the other hand, gave in to their desires, into doing things their way. And the result, unfortunately, is that they missed the plan of God.

Similarly, think of giftings in your own life. We all are tempted to do things our way, but anytime we take God out of the center and pursue our giftings for our glory, it becomes a hollow shell, a fractured glory in comparison to what God has in store for us.

Jesus demonstrated in Mark 9:29 that prayer plus fasting is necessary to break spiritual strongholds. And when we fast, we position God as primary in our lives and all other desires as secondary.

Question: WHAT desires are you setting aside this week? Is there a situation in your life that you need a breakthrough this week?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, Thank You for the way You paved the way for us! Thank You for choosing obedience in the challenging moments and in every moment. Thank You for taking our sin and rebellion to the Cross, then giving us the Holy Spirit so that we can be empowered to submit our will to Your will, that we can obey You! God, I choose to stay in Your Word today, meditating on it and allowing it to sink into my heart and change me from the inside out. Please show me what You want for me this year. This month. Today. I choose now to obey You when you speak.